Pleasures Photography focuses on boudoir photography specifically for the NZ Sex Industry, with the aim of providing quality without the price tag. We offer photography for all kinds of sex workers, from male to female and all genders in between, all ages, shapes and sizes. Just bring along your enthusiasm and creative spirit and we'll help to produce a variety of stunning images with you.

Never had a photoshoot taken before? No worries! We can help with ideas, poses and what to bring along.

Who will you be shooting with?

The photographer, by her stage name, is Jordan Quinn.

Based in Wellington, Jordan has been a photography enthusiast for 10 years. Her interest in boudoir photography started while working for an escort agency and flourished since becoming an independent worker. As well as shooting and editing all her own advertising imagery, Jordan has expanded to shooting with other sex worker friends and offering her photography services to those advertising on the platform NZ Pleasures.

Pleasures Photography is aimed at those in the NZ sex industry that need assistance sprucing up their online profiles with some shiny new photos! Let's have a relaxed and fun shoot, and create images that showcase you and that grab a clients attention!