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Shoot 2

Addison Lane

I was stoked you were female! Alot of photographers are male and I don't think I would have relaxed as much as I did if you weren't you.

I know money is time and time is money! But you didn't clock watch, so thank you. I felt I didn't have to rush when I was getting changed and there wasn't this air of "must get the right pictures in the less amount of pictures" if you know what I mean.

Being green to the industry, and therefore my first photoshoot, I left feeling like it was a good experience and so all the anxiety the day before was a waste of time!

I appreciated that you allowed my creativity to flow into the photoshoot, so we worked more as a team than just you instructing me. Your passion for the camera come out strong by the end which was really cool and for the first time in many many years I felt comfortable being a photographic subject.

I have shared a few of the photos with close friends and they feel you have done a good job and that I look classy in the shots... so ***** 5 stars from us :)

Keep up the good work

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