The Shoot

✪ Your home or work premise

✪ Outdoor location of your choosing*

✪ Location organised by Pleasures Photography*

*travel or booking fees may apply


✪ What clothing will you be wearing in your photoshoot? Lingerie? A dress? Heels? Take a moment to look at your wardrobe and make some outfit decisions

✪ Accessories - don't forget earrings, jewellry, props (i.e. if you want spank paddles or feathers included), handbags or stockings.

✪ Do you have an idea in mind? Pinterest and Google images are fantastic tools for creativity! Type in keywords such as "lingerie photoshoot" or "boudoir".

Tip: nobody knows your body like you do. Find the poses you're comfortable with by testing them in front of the mirror.




Quickie Shoot --- $200*

60 minutes

1-2 outfits

5 edited photos

Minimal editing


*$150 for NZ Pleasures advertisers

Profile Update Shoot (Recommended) --- $300*

Up to 2 hours

2-4 outfits

8 photos


*$250 for NZ Pleasures advertisers

Extended Shoot --- $500*

Up to 4 hours

Unlimited outfits

20 Photos

More than one location possible


*$450 for NZ Pleasures advertisers

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